Thanks for the comments; it is a good reminder to be more precise. My family also arrived from overseas, and I am first generation on one side, and second on the other — all legal. I must point out, however, that the president in his comments is also aiming at substantially lowering legal immigration levels as well as blocking those without documents. He wants to eliminate, at least temporarily, asylum requests, also legal. And, other than in the case of his own property at Mar-O-Lago, wants to reduce temporary work permits as well, which are part of the legal processes. We’ve now heard of citizens in South Texas being detained for the sole reason that they were birthed by a midwife in an area where midwives also help non-citizens. The president has turned away from war refugees. All of that together starts to reflect a much broader anti-immigrant viewpoint. It may be justified, it may not be, according to varying standards, but we should be able to agree on what actually is under consideration.

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Journalist, musician, community volunteer

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