Terry H. Schwadron

May 17, 2021

So, we can go mask-less inside and out, if we’ve been fully vaccinated, only hang with friends who are vaccinated and don’t have clingy kids, who have not, or live in states with large numbers of ant-vaxxers, whom we know recognize only for their sharp opinions, since there are no rules about proving you’ve been jabbed.

Is that about right? Or unless you live in New York, where we do, where the governor, under battle for his own covid practices from last year, has yet to acknowledge that the Centers for Disease Control has…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 16, 2021

Whether in public debate among politicians or in intensely personal conversations, the continuing military escalation, war-making and squashing of Palestinian rights by this Israeli government is making American Jews uneasy over a sacrifice of human rights.

Bombs and artillery equally in the name of state-sanctioned stamping on Palestinians as on national defense, is widening a splintering of support for Israel in this current conflagration among Jews and non-Jews.

Indeed, there are elements here that are making feelings and statements about Israeli politics and strategies into American politics.

Joe Biden has been straight up in…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 15, 2021

Here’s what impatience buys us:

Within two days of government confirmation of a hack on the Colonial Pipeline, temporarily halting oil and gas delivery to the Southeast and East Coast, we have a thousand gas stations running out of fuel and four states demanding an immediate emergency.

As it happens, there is plenty of oil in storage tanks that hasn’t gotten to those destinations, and within a week, the company has started its operations again. As an aside, a normal gas fill-up in New York state yesterday was just that,

But the impatience of…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 14, 2021

The awful images from Israel, which reflect so many stories at once, are troubling because once again, people are getting killed, injured and terrorized in the name of political purity. The images also are upsetting because, while we are not facing an actual internal war this week, many of the images reflect on our rising American politicization in a matter disturbingly alike.

For openers, there is the hate story insistingly defying generations and the passing governments in the Middle East and here that continue to fuel age-old splits and violence. …

Terry H. Schwadron

May 13, 2021

One party is throwing a leader out over conscience, while the other is pampering its solo holdout vote.

Even as House Republicans were moving to push out Rep. Liz Cheney yesterday from her party leadership role over her repeated challenges of Donald Trump’s election lies, Democrats in the Senate were still talking in hushed tones to Sen. Joe Manchin, D-VWa., about his missing support for voter rights legislation.

Make no mistake, the Republican ouster of Cheney will resound for years as a rejection of small-d democratic values, as a rejection of truth-telling, as a…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 12, 2021

Oh, poor NRA.

This is that quiet bedtime story about the little non-profit that gets stepped on by the Goliath government, squashing its soul by telling the little guy that no, it can’t manipulate the bankruptcy laws to turn around again tomorrow and promote guns.

It turns out that Harlin D. Hale, the chief judge in federal bankruptcy court in Dallas was the good guy with a gavel to stop a sneaky escape from accountability by a renegade National Rifle Association, hardly an innocent little guy in this tale.

But it is good to…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 11, 2021

Since we find ourselves at the apex of futility, how about we just start over with political parties, elections and counting — momentarily setting aside that there is no way to achieve this goal, however warranted.

The cratering of what has been a traditional Republican Party to the Donald Trump Cult shows clearly that the two-party American democracy model clearly has run its course, and like Whigs, Tories, Greens, Bull Moose and other attempts to form political parties before, we need a different thought. We do have Greens, Libertarians and the Workers Party, but…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 10, 2021

Whether the cyber-attacks that shut down 5,500 miles of oil pipeline this weekend are coming from private crooks or a state-sanctioned effort is almost beside the point. Somehow our response to this attack, as the big one apparently triggered by what looked like Russian-sponsored hackers on government agencies and companies last month, ought to be generating a lot more urgency.

The idea that a small group of bad guys in a faraway darkened room can control our electric grid, our fuel supplies, our business functions, our very defenses virtually at will should be as…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 9, 2021

The immediate squabbling this weekend over the “surprise” of missed expectations of a huge jobs rebound in a single month reminded me of the “surprise” ending for the March Madness college basketball tournament.

The results did not match all the hype, whether for Gonzaga basketball or for a million jobs in a month, and somehow that meant someone had “failed” rather than having witnessed simultaneous good outcomes.

What was wrong here was not the result, but the insistence on the part of government officials, television pundits and economists to set predictive expectations at all…

Terry H. Schwadron

May 8, 2021
Now that the Biden administration says it will support behind a controversial proposal to waive intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines, will it mean that tons more vaccine will now suddenly be available to poorer nations?

The answer seems clearly to be No — because things are more complicated than settling what many of various political stripes see as moving away from protection of greed on the part of Big Pharma. And maybe because we’re focusing on the wrong questions.

For openers, a World Trade Organization summit opened yesterday to brace this question, and…

Terry Schwadron

Journalist, musician, community volunteer

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